About Us

Ivanabitch® Vodka is like no other vodka in the World, and that’s just how we like it. We’re not for those who sit in the back of the room or hide behind the scenes. Nope. We’re for those who embrace their uniqueness and live for conquering the moment, and doing so with an attitude that says, “This is who I am.”

Our vodka comes with attitude and our drinkers come with even more; and when put together, well that’s when things really get interesting. Always keep your attitude in check and drink responsibly.

How We Make It

It’s takes skill, patience and attitude to make amazing vodka.

Ivanabitch Vodka is made using only the finest, most fierce grain spirits and clearest spring water available. Every batch we make is distilled five times to remove any unwanted impurities then triple-filtered over active charcoal to achieve a clean, fresh, taste that is smooth, delicate and full of attitude. Produced in the Netherlands.

A Family With Attitude


Whatever your attitude... we have just the flavor to mix with it.

Dmitri Ivanabitch: A legendary Russian aristocrat who was persecuted and exiled from Russia to the Netherlands, is said to be plagued by a history of craziness and a need for excessive entertainment and fun. He is the man behind the IvanaBitch brand. It’s been said that Dmitri first created his premium vodka in 1666 so that he had something other than piss-poor sherry to drink. He wanted something new, so he chose to create a new kind of spirit that he and others could enjoy.

Sergei Ivanabitch: The brother of Dmitri, was a self-educated doctor who had a knack and passion for practicing his trade on whatever he could find. After a few medical mishaps and a fear of the law, he fled to India where in a small town he discovered gin. Knowing Dmitri’s success with vodka, he made a deal with the villagers in order to get the recipe for the gin he so enjoyed, the same recipe we use today.

Vladimir Ivanabitch: Based on stories told to us by our ancestors, Vladimir was captured in Russia by the infamous Napoleon and his army during the great Patriotic War of 1812. Even though the French were defeated, they still managed to steal away one of Russia’s great treasures, Vladimir himself. While captive, Vladimir used the family’s skills of distillation to keep busy. Soon after his release he quickly became known as the regions finest maker of Brandy. Now almost 200 years later, you can enjoy the same great taste that impressed the French so many years ago.

Boris Ivanabitch: Claiming to be the son of Sergei, actual records taught us that he is the red-headed step child of Sergei’s third wife, Bonnibelle. His father was a burly Scottish man who had a skill for making exceptional whiskey. Boris was an heir to his fathers will, which just happened to include the secret family recipe his father used to make his infamous whiskey. Who knows, maybe one day this whiskey will re-surface for all to enjoy.

Sasha Ivanabitch: The brother of Dmitri and Sergei, Sasha was sold as a young boy to a band of gypsies. Why? Well the family had fallen on hard times and was in dire need of monies. Legend has it that Sasha was held captive aboard a ship that often sailed the seas of the Caribbean. In time Sasha would escape and begin a new life as a pirate. During his raids of terror he would collect barrels of rum from the villages he terrorized. It has been said that the family knows of a hidden stash of perfectly aged rum on an island somewhere in the south Caribbean Sea. Maybe one day they will retrieve it and share it with the World.

Igor Ivanabitch: The son of Dmitri, Igor had a history of being a real partier. But the small town the IvanaBitch family lived in was just too small for him, so he left in search of a more exciting way of life. He’d find that life in Spain living as a conquistador. Before long he set sail for Mexico where he met a woman who introduced him and his partying ways to Tequila. He fell in love with it and began to make his own brand of special Tequila. He would eventually make his way back home where he shared his unique Tequila with his family. The secret recipe has yet to be handed over but one day we hope that it will be.